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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Introducing In-Text Ads

We're excited to introduce the launch of RingCentral In-Text Ads!

This new and innovative affiliate technology allows you to place interactive links on your site that allows your visitors to choose and reserve a RingCentral Toll Free Number without ever leaving your site.

Clicking on an In-Text Ad opens a small JavaScript window on your site. Your visitor can choose and reserve a toll free number by filling out a very short form within this window. After only two short steps, the window closes.

We send the visitor an email on how to activate their new toll free number.

Ready to use an In-Text Ad?

We have loaded two customizable In-Text Ads under Advanced Links in our creative library.

Want to watch a demo?

Click here to watch a demo or go to the RingCentral Affiliate Resource Center to learn more.

RingCentral In-Text Ads.
Simple, engaging, and keeps your visitors on your site.

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